After careful analysis of the development area and based on conversations with the community, GBCA has identified viable development concepts to show the immense potential of the area. However, development is in no way limited to these suggestions.

 Area in Need of Redevelopment Investigation (Ongoing)

  • Encompasses 26 lots already designated as an area in need of rehabilitation (to be expanded to include nine additional lots across Midland Avenue frontage)

  • Block located in close proximity to Garfield train stop

Franchini Site

  • Potential site for bank with drive thru access.

Macaroni Factory Site

  • Potential for 42 units

  • Possible for parking within structure

Rana Site

  • Includes the banquet hall and parking lot diagonally across the street

  • Potential for 158 units (42 units -banquet hall and 116 –parking lot)

Focarino Site

  • Potential for 30 units.

Old Theatre Site

  • Potential for 26 units.

Keystone Site

  • Potential for mixed use residential/commercial development.

  • Two parcels on corner (GBCA Corp. HQ) owned by GBCA.

  • Site to be included in area in need of redevelopment investigation.

Fire Station Site

  • Potential for mixed use residential/commercial development.

Royal Slide Site

  • Potential for 225 units.

  • Parking for apartments and commuters (500+ spaces).